Books On Product Management & Metrics

Are you an aspiring, accidental, or seasoned Product Manager looking to elevate your skills and career? This essential guide is designed for you. Get ready to untangle the complexities with confidence and creativity!

Dinker Charak brings a collection of tools, methodologies, and some unexpected approaches to Product Management. He also talks about his entrepreneurial journey from the eye of a Product Manager and discusses the strategy and its failures.

Based on the concept of EEBO Metrics (

Follow up to Product Management Untangled.

General Fiction & Science Fiction

In a world on the brink of a scientific renaissance, humanity stumbles upon a black hole nearby—a revelation that redefines our place in the cosmos. It provides a limitless source of energy. Out of this discovery is born a technology eclipsing the Age of Electronics – Neutrinonics.

“Dinker Charak’s anthology allows the readers’ involvement in finding the scientific principles which are implicit in these stories. The binding force of all the seven stories in the anthology is that they take the readers to the far-fetched future.”

How would an author react to an ordinary incident? What if you knew the song that Krishna sang? What’s so important about a non-descript tea stall? These tales delve into the complexities of human relationships, exploring the interconnectedness of …