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Product Management

Discover Dinker's journey: from Real-time Operating Systems to startup founder, with experiences at CERN (Switzerland) and Fermilab (US) to workshops with CIIE, NASSCOM, and consulting as a ThoughtWorker to gain insights into Product Management


"Taking the scientific laws/facts as the basis, Dinker Charak can beautifully added imagination on top to create interesting possibilities!!" Discover for yourself the magic of merging science and creativity. Discover this enchanting blend for yourself.


Videos & Podcasts

LUSWIG - Let us see where it goes


Sachin Dharmapurikar and I talk about Tech, Product Management and everything in-between

Product Management Course

Product Management Course

Series of video about various Lean Canvas I have developed and other Product Management topics

Seminars & Events

Series of videos of my talks at seminars and events on subjects related to Product Management

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Science Fiction

Videos on Science Fiction and my Sci-fi books hosted by adbhut.in - the Indian Science Fiction portal

EEBO Metrics

EEBO Metrics create a line of sight from engineering excellence to business outcomes ​

Structure for EEBO Metrics

Innovation Canvases

Product Management Canvas PMC

Product Management Canvas

The Product Management Canvas, is a strategic management and entrepreneurial articulation tool. It allows you to describe a product having the highest return on investment versus risk.

Idea Canvas by Dinker Charak

Idea Canvas

The Idea Canvas is a lean innovation tool. It allows you develop and describe an idea and to think holistically about it.

Experiment Canvas by Dinker Charak

Experiment Canvas

The Experiment Canvas is a lean innovation tool. It allows you to articulate an experiment, the hypothesis it will test along with success & failure criteria.


Elevator Pitch Canvas

The Elevator Pitch is a lean innovation tool. It allows you to create a brief and easy to memorize description of your product and its purpose.


Ecosystem Mapping Canvas

The Ecosystem Mapping Canvas is a strategic management tool. It allows you to discover an ecosystem around your product as to make it a value multipler.

Fail-fast Canvas

Fail-Fast & Risk Planning Canvas

Fail-fast canvas provides a framework for identifying capabilities & potential risks at each stage of product development & Risk Planning Canvas helps plan ahead.

Sales Battlecards Template

Sales Battle Cards

Sales battlecards provide salespeople with information about competitors, their products, and how to position your own product in the market.

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