Product Management Tools, Methods and Some Off-the-wall Ideas

“Based on his popular blog, Dinker Charak brings a collection of tools, methodologies, and some unexpected approaches to Product Management. He also talks about his entrepreneurial journey from the eye of a Product Manager and discusses the strategy and its failures.”

LUSWIG, the Podcast

LUSWIG - Let us see where it goes

Sachin Dharmapurikar and Dinker Charak start with a topic, mostly technology-oriented, with an open mind and Let Us See Where It Goes!

Innovation Canvases

Product Management Canvas PMC

Product Management Canvas

The Product Management Canvas, is a strategic management and entrepreneurial articulation tool. It allows you to describe a product having the highest return on investment versus risk.

Idea Canvas by Dinker Charak

Idea Canvas

The Idea Canvas is a lean innovation tool. It allows you develop and describe an idea and to think holistically about it.

Experiment Canvas by Dinker Charak

Experiment Canvas

The Experiment Canvas is a lean innovation tool. It allows you to articulate an experiment, the hypothesis it will test along with success & failure criteria.


Elevator Pitch Canvas

The Elevator Pitch is a lean innovation tool. It allows you to create a brief and easy to memorize description of your product and its purpose.


Ecosystem Mapping Canvas

The Ecosystem Mapping Canvas is a strategic management tool. It allows you to discover an ecosystem around your product as to make it a value multipler.

EEBO Metrics

EEBO Metrics create a line of sight from engineering excellence to business outcomes ​

Product Management Workshop

The workshop is hands-on, outcome-driven, and full of interactive discussions.

You will learn how to envision a Product, do User Research, build the Roadmap, identify possible Risks, and finally discover a Business Model in this tightly guided workshop.


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