"The Blackhole Nearby" Universe

The Neutrinos Are Coming and Other Stories

Science Fiction Omnibus

“Dinker Charak’s anthology allows the readers’ involvement in finding the scientific principles which are implicit in these stories. The binding force of all the seven stories in the anthology is that they take the readers to the far-fetched future and also to the unexplored regions where the basic scientific principles could help anyone to resolve the problems of the future. […] each one of them provides us with humor.”

– Dr Srinarahari, Vice-President of the Asian Science Fiction Association and Secretary-General of the Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies


Short Science Fiction

In a world on the brink of a scientific renaissance, humanity stumbles upon a black hole nearby—a revelation that redefines our place in the cosmos. It provides a limitless source of energy. Out of this discovery is born a technology eclipsing the Age of Electronics called Neutrinonics. 

Yet, beneath the shimmering veil of progress, discord festers. Meet Kayhul, an investigator for the Reinformation Governance Board, who is drawn into a mysterious web spun by Qymac Ize, the enigmatic leader of the PANAR Society. Can Kayhul unravel the Society’s motives in time […]


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