The Neutrinos Are Coming

“Dinker Charak’s anthology allows the readers’ involvement in finding the scientific principles which are implicit in these stories. The binding force of all the seven stories in the anthology is that they take the readers to the far-fetched future and also to the unexplored regions where the basic scientific principles could help anyone to resolve the problems of the future. […] each one of them provides us with humor.”

– Dr Srinarahari, Vice-President of the Asian Science Fiction Association and Secretary-General of the Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies

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Synopsis of Each Short Scifi

The first story, ‘The Neutrinos Are Coming’ examines how society changes when a black hole is discovered and is harnessed to produce neutrinos. It is a tale of cosmic proportions on how everyone uses the neutrinos to further their agenda. However, it ends on a tragic note.

In the story, the author digs into the physics of neutrinos.

The second story, ‘Time Machine’ is not about time travel. But it is about how one can defeat time! In the backdrop of a space station built near a black hole, the story examines how people choose to decide what moment in life they want to choose to freeze in time.

In the story, the author digs into the physics of black holes.

The third story, ‘Disability?’ examines how the brain overcomes the limitations of the body and how this can lead to unexpected results.

In the story, the author digs into the biology of vision.

The fourth story, ‘Not Always in a Bathtub’ takes a comic look at the musing of a science enthusiast on a dull evening as his mind drifts from one scientific concept to another.

In the story, the author digs into some speculative scientific theories.

The fifth story, ‘The Murmurs of the Dawn’ traces the lives of three friends, each of whom becomes a leader in his field. This is a story of AI gaining consciousness, but with a twist.

In the story, the author digs into some computer science theories and introduces ideas like rules for a game of three-dimensional chess.

The sixth story, ‘One-Three-Seven’ is about alien contact. However, the accident way in which we discover the alien is uniquely Indian. And the alien we encounter is a physics novelty.

In the story, the author digs into some physics concepts.

The seventh story, ‘A Sprute’s Discovery’ imagines how space travel may transform some humans into ones with capability to handle the cold emptiness of space. Though this ability comes with a flip side, nothing ever diminishes what makes life precious, parenthood!

In the story, the author speculates some physics concepts.

The eight and last story, ‘Absolute and None’ is an alien encounter story that is deeply rooted in mathematics. It also tells the story of a young child who discovers new math.

In the story, the author digs into some maths concepts and mathematical interpretations of a very famous Sanskrit shloka.

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Dinker Charak

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