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Product Management Workshop in ThoughtWorks, Hyderabad

We conducted a Product Management Workshop in Hyderabad on 21st May, 2016. There was a wonderful response with 8 attendees. Thanks to Shashank Raghavendra for all the help.

The agenda was very fast faced and aggressive. But we made it through all sessions.


It was a good mix of BAs, QAs and Devs. Thanks you all for attending: Poorvaja Lingam, Hemanth S R, Siddhartha Mohapatra, Chaitanya Muppala, Vinkesh Banka, Prateek Srivastava, Shashank Raghavendra and Sravanthi N. S. CH.

We did spend good time on the Product Management Canvas.


Dinker Charak

Dinker has over a decade of experience in building products across diverse domains such as Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Operating Systems, High Energy Particle Physics, Embedded Systems, Online Video Advertising, Messaging, K-12 education and Private Banking. He also founded Gungroo Software. He books '#ProMa: Product Management Tools, Methods & Some Off-the-wall Ideas' and 'The Neutrinos Are Coming and Other Stories' are available globally. He also manages, an Indian Sci-fi portal.

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