Product Thinking Workshop by Dinker Charak

Product Management Workshop

The workshop is hands-on, outcome-driven, and full of interactive discussions.

You will learn how to envision a Product, do User Research, build the Roadmap, identify possible Risks, and finally discover a Business Model in this tightly guided workshop.

Starts: On-demand

Duration: 2 days

Fee: ₹5,000 or $100

5 /5

Workshop Modules

Idea Canvas

The Idea Canvas allows you to develop and describe an idea and to think holistically about it to cover 360 of the idea you have.

Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch allows you to create a brief and easy to memorize description of your product and its purpose.

Product Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Mapping Canvas allows you to discover an ecosystem around your product as to make it a value multipler.

Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder map allows you to list all the people who can influence your product and how they are connected.

Roadmap 0.1

The Roadmap 0.1 helps build your first roadmap across a product's life cycle, identify risk and prepare a strategy to address them.


This session allows you to estimate cost of building the product and other expenses to market and scale it


This session allows you to estimate cost of outsourcing parts of building the product that need skills not present in the team.

Pricing Table

The Pricing table is an excellent external-facing tool to describe or imagine your product's value and how much someone will willing to pay for it


This session allows you to draw a high level P&L based on Costing and Pricing Table to give you estimates on units you need to sell to meet the plans.

Failing Fast

This session allows you to plan for extensive testing and incremental development to determine whether an idea has value or needs pivot.

Meta Product

This session covers 30+ aspects of preparation you need to make for taking a Product live like Go-To-Market, Support, Branding & Evangelism

Your Custom Need

At time we add an extra session to incorporate needs to a smaller focused group of attendees like building a VC deck, setup development process.

Frequently asked questions

Online using various video conference tools and Google Sheets. We encourage each participant to read out what they fill in. If more than one startups are participating, be prepared to share information with the participating group. 

In order to learn from each other’s reactions and feedback, we prefer 6-12 participants attending.

Yes, if needed. We have conducted workshops for participants from one startups. We are open to conduct workshop for an individual, but may need some customizations.

It came about when we started talking about absence of such a workshop when we were starting up. Since then it has evolved as more workshops are conducted and lessons learnt.