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Shuhari – Learn – Digress – Transcend

Shuhari roughly translates to “first learn, then detach, and finally transcend.”

Yesterday November 26th I attended Converge Bangalore. It was a great event. Check out tweets with hashtag #ConvergeBangalore. This talk covered various ways we stay ahead to create solutions whose needs are just coming above the horizons.

I started off with talking how your software is NOT the product. However, when we put the Software in a context of  a Problem / Opportunity, identify / establish a Ecosystem, find a Product – Market Fit, identify the Early Adopters, Value Prop for Early Adopters and decide on the Success / Failure Metrics. Adding to this are Services that enable Adoption, Usability and the Ecosystem. This is when software takes form of a Product / Solution.

I often put is as:

Solution = (Software + Service) * Context


The talked about concept of Shu-ha-ri (Learn – Digress – Transcend) and linked it to the evolution of creating software to solution and propose what the next step will be.

Shu / Learn

  • Imbibe Rules
  • Follow Practices
  • Understand
  • Underlying Principles

Ha / Digress

  • Understand Vision
  • Bend Rules
  • Question
  • Underlying Principles

Ri / Transcend

  • Upgrade Vision
  • New Rules
  • New
  • Underlying Principles

Evolution of Product

While the day talked about moving from Software to Solution, I proposed that Solution was a Ha / Digress of Software. To Ri / Transcend, we should move to Working Business Model. This is the ultimate state of a software.

While Solution is beneficial for a client/customer, a Working Business Model is beneficial for the organization itself. Only a organization that can sustain itself can continue to provide solution.


SpeakerDeck: Shuhari – Learn – Digress – Transcend

SlideShare: Shuhari – Learn – Digress – Transcend


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Also comments by Martin Fowler’s comments on Shuhari and this book: Agile Software Development: Alistair Cockburn

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