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Why Triple Diamond is a Better Paradigm than the Double Diamond

Around 4 years back, I started using the paradigm of Triple Diamond over the Double Diamond. The British Design Council developed the Double Diamond to describe the design process. Recently, many people are writing about the limitations of the Double Diamond paradigm. I wanted to revisit this topic and add my learning since.

A Recap of Double Diamond

The first key concept behind the Double Diamond is that of a diamond. The diamond represents the divergent followed by convergent thinking during the design process. The second key concept is the juxtaposition of two diamonds. These two diamond represent the divergent and then convergent thinking during the discovery of a product followed by the creation of the product.

The Double Diamond

Details of each diamond can be found in my earlier post.

So, What’s Missing in the Double Diamond Model

The Double Diamond assumes that Product Design starts with the discovery of a product via divergent thinking. This is followed by arriving at a definition via convergent thinking. However, my experience as a Founder and then as a Product Manager makes it apparent that there is a step before this. A diamond at the beginning is missing.

Introducing the Zeroth Diamond

The Triple Diamond

Much before the discovery of a Product begins, there is an opportunity that shows up. Exploring the opportunities, and then converging to a strategy to benefit from the opportunity is where it all begins. In order to represent that phase, both for Founders and Business Leadership, I have found the Triple Diamond to be an excellent paradigm.

OpportunityA Greenfield or blue-sky projects, may need to scale, create a new business line, transform the existing organisation, etc. The Opportunity phase is where you explore possibilities.

StrategyThe Strategy phase used Digital Transformation, Product, Data, Design thinking to come up with strategy roadmap. Here we define the strategy to tap into the opportunity and state problems that need solutions via a product.


  1. Double Diamond starts with Discovery of a Product
  2. It does not reflect the reality of divergent exploration of opportunity and then convergence on a strategy to address the opportunity
  3. Triple Diamond address this via a zeroth diamond of Opportunity-Strategy pair

Triple Diamond In Context of Product Continuum

Hoping to hear your experience with the Double Diamond and the benefit of Triple Diamond paradigm.

Dinker Charak

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