You are currently viewing Let us see where it goes (006) – Cost of Product Management  – Podcast

Let us see where it goes (006) – Cost of Product Management – Podcast

In this podcast a technologist and a product manager talk about:
• Cost of Product Management
• Frugal Product Management
• Early Stage Experimentation

00:00 The sixth podcast
00:21 Intro
01:12 I am Agile
02:51 Our First-Ever Guest
04:27 Product-Management-as-a-cost Mindset
06:07 Never Too Early to Bring in a ProMa
09:48 Frugal Product Management
13:58 Percentage is the Biggest Enemy of an Early Stage Product
16:23 Sachin Loses His Thread
19:17 Early Stage Feedback Loop
22:32 Product Management is Akin to Watching Paint Dry
26:16 Dinker Has Recently Watched Now You See Me
28:58 An Approach to Product Management
31:27 On Experiments and Product Decision Records
36:06 Getting Going with Experiments
40:55 Matrix of Metrics & Experiments
44:47 Focus on Focus Group
47:17 Sachin Clarifies His Question
56:25 On Gut Feel
58:51 Future Topics

Notes & Mentions:
• We use the term ProMa as short for Product Management
• Product Decision Records:
• Now You See Me & the Sequel: and

• Views expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect that of our employer
• Dinker Charak:
• Sachin Dharmapurikar:


Dinker Charak

Dinker has over a decade of experience in building products across diverse domains such as Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Operating Systems, High Energy Particle Physics, Embedded Systems, Online Video Advertising, Messaging, K-12 education and Private Banking. He also founded Gungroo Software. He books '#ProMa: Product Management Tools, Methods & Some Off-the-wall Ideas' and 'The Neutrinos Are Coming and Other Stories' are available globally. He also manages, an Indian Sci-fi portal.